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Blog Entry: 10th September 2021

Did you know there is a link between speech development and integration of reflexes in your hands....and even your feet?
If your child has a speech delay and you have not looked into primitive reflex integration, this is the time. It is often we see children with speech delays that also exhibit retained reflexes in their hands and even their feet. The hands, feet, and tongue represent the largest number of sensory receptors in our body. This is why we have more sensation in this "sensitive" areas vs somewhere like the back of our thigh.
Stimulating the reflexes in our hands, feet, and face will help improve speech, along with other brain-based movements and natural interactions. Start by checking your child's palmar reflex. Have them rest their hand gently on their thigh or the table. Stroke their palm from the base of the fingers down towards their wrist using a blunt object or vibrating toothbrush. Use a quick and firm stroke. If their fingers close or bend inwards towards a fist this reflex is unintegrated.
This may be one piece of the puzzle that you haven't discovered yet.

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