Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide the highest quality care for the children and families of our local community so that the children who come to Croft Playgroup feel confident, happy and secure and are able to step out into the world as independent, creative and well-rounded individuals.

Our Beliefs, Values and Aims


At Croft Playgroup we believe that each child is unique and deserves to feel welcomed, loved, respected and valued by the adults and children around them.

  • Child-led play is vital in building self-esteem in children. We believe that taking time to listen, observe and engage with the children is the most powerful way to build positive relationships in order to support their development in all aspects.
  • The role of the key person is vital in building the first important relationship between adult and child at Playgroup. We believe in the importance of positive attachment and getting to know the child and their family as part of this process.


  • We value and promote free-flow open-ended play so that children have access to our outdoor areas as much as the indoor space.
  • We know that the family is important and value regular and open communication with our children's families so that, by working together, we ensure the best possible experiences for the children. Our door is always open.


  • Play is at the heart of healthy development and through a secure and enabling environment, in which adults give each child space to reveal his or her interests and abilities, we aim to nurture each child so that they can flourish.
  • We support and develop children's learning using the Early Years Foundation Stage which is the statutory framework for Early Years providers. We endeavour to provide stimulating and exciting resources which engage the children.
  • We recognise that we are role models to the children in our care. This constantly informs our behaviour, language and interaction. We always strive to reflect, evaluate and improve our practise so that the children in our care receive the best possible support.

Our vision
Playing is our priority