Educational Strategy Partnership (ESP)

Since September 2017, our Playgroup has been working with a number of other local settings on a range of projects designed to enhance the learning opportunities for our children. This collaboration is named the Executive Strategy Partnership or ESP.

The following schools have agreed to work together in an informal but meaningful way, sharing best practice, resources and expertise to help raise standards:

  • Croft Playgroup
  • King William Playgroup
  • Central@RLK Playgroup
  • Clifton Street Pre-school
  • Lethbridge Primary School
  • King William Street CE Primary School
  • Robert Le Kyng Primary School
  • Westrop Primary School
  • Highworth Warneford Secondary School
  • Commonweal School

The ESP operates in a climate of mutual trust and a willingness to explore a range of opportunities designed to support the work of all settings. As a group we are better placed to access additional funding to support this. There have been no changes in the way that individual governing bodies are structured; no restriction on the settings essential freedoms and no centralised pooling of finances. All settings within the ESP are committed to working collaboratively whilst retaining their unique identities.

In addition, the ESP offers:

  • Support for new Head teachers, Playgroup Leaders, new Chairs of Governors and new Governors
  • Collaborative work to ensure consistently good standards, care and education
  • Partnership working with Senior Leadership teams to review priorities and strategies
  • Training opportunities including an Emerging Leaders course to staff across all settings within the group
  • A programme of peer lesson observations called Triads across the Four Primary Schools
  • Partnership working to develop successful 'school readiness' standards from Playgroup to Primary School
  • A Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3 Transition working group to focus on academic and social continuity
  • Assistance with the review of effective practice in all the Playgroups
  • Support for administrative aspects of the settings

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